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Fields of specialism


Field recording
/location sound

Josh explores his sonic environment through his passionate pursuit of field recording. Bringing a variety of ideas and concepts to the table. From location sound for film to field recording for sound libraries, he has developed a wide range of skills and  knowledge of the equipment, processes and environment around him. Which he continues to develop through his works into multimedia.


Sound Design

From the creation of evolving ambiences to sonic object design. Josh uses both found sound and digital processing to construct sonic environments in Ableton & pro tools. Whether for a film, audiobook or other multimedia format. he develops, refines and designs sounds, to tell imaginative stories.

1 - RX Standalone Editor_edited.jpg

Dialogue editing/Audio restoration

dialogue is at the forefront of much of multimedia. the importance of high quality dialogue could be argued as essential for professional delivery. The role of a dialogue editor or audio restoration technician can typically consist of removing equipment interference noise, unwanted background sounds,  dialogue clean up, carrying out ADR and much more. Josh operates with a good level of knowledge across this field, using both Izotope Rx and Pro tools throughout his works.

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